Trust Instagram to Delete Your Pictures . . . Not

So you think you can trust the social media companies to do what you ask with your data . . . think again. In yet another “mistake” due to a “bug,” it turns out that those pictures you deleted from Instagram are not, in fact, deleted.


According to a recent Wired article, a user discovered that data he specifically asked Instagram to delete was still saved on their servers over a year later. He had requested a copy of his data and found that long deleted pictures where still stored on the site's servers. Instagram said that this was an “oversight” because usually they delete data within 90 days . . .

yeah right.

Remember, do not trust any social media company with your data. Your are the product. No company is going to give away their product for free. There is always a cost – in this case it is you – your information, your privacy, your control.

Instagram is also owned by Facebook; a notorious privacy violator. But don't worry, it is just a “bug” or an “oversight” – they clearly do not have any intent to violate your privacy and keep your information to sell to others . . forever. Not them.