Share Responsibly

Personal privacy is important. We live in an increasingly interconnected world; one where social sharing is the norm. But too much sharing can be dangerous. Most people are respectful of your opinions or actions. But some are not. Some will use the information that you share to hurt you or to your disadvantage. Some will use your information to get revenge or “punish” you. That is a fact of life. Here are a few well known examples:

Every time you post or go online, you potentially provide your name and location. With that information, people can often find out all kinds of “private” information about you through public sources, including where you live, whether you own a home, your job, your salary, and other family and financial information.

So what can you do about it? Do we simply stop sharing private information? Do we pull a Unabomber and live in a cabin in the woods with no Internet? Well, those are options, but, as an alternative, I would suggest that we just be careful about what we share. You should know how the internet works and where your private information can “leak” out. You should know some of the the privacy protections that are available to you on the Internet. And, most importantly, you should share responsibly.

The purpose of this blog is to highlight how to share responsibly, to inform people about the privacy protections on the internet, and how to protect yourself from people that might want to hurt you. Is it possible to protect yourself absolutely? Probably not. If someone really wants to determine who you are, they most likely can. But realizing that we do live in a social world, there are things that you can do to minimize your sharing and protect yourself and your family.

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