How to Disable Facebooks Photo Data Harvesting

In are you have not seen this yet, Forbes has an excellent article on how to disable Facebook and Instagram’s data harvesting of your personal photos that you upload to them. It should be no surprise to anyone concerned about privacy, but Facebook and its sister company, Instagram, stripes your personal location data from your photos when you upload them to their service, then reinserts its own data into the pictures it posts.

Does it delete your personal data its removes? Of course not. It save and stores it. As Forbes States:

So, does Facebook delete the location data after it has been stripped? No, of course not. Why would the world’s most avaricious data harvester throw away valuable information that it can use to monetize you even further? Facebook stores the data in its multi-billion-dollar data vault, against your profile.

The solution is to not give it the data to begin with. Thankfully, for those wth iPhones, Apple is making that easier to stop not just Facebook, but others.

Here is the excellent article form Zak Doffman at Forbes.